What a great senior portrait session last year with Ani from Madison West. Ani and Jenny met us at the UW arboretum an hour or so before sunset which is our preferred time to shoot. The setting sun creates such warm beautiful images and allows us to capture flare effects in some of the images. For outfits, Ani went with a classic black dress and a cute lacy white top with jeans. When clients ask our advice on what to wear for their senior portraits our first piece of advice is to wear something that you’re going to feel confident and good about yourself in. Our next piece of advice is to keep it simple. Whether we’re in a nature or urban location, a simple outfit won’t clash with the backgrounds or pull attention away from you.

Thanks Ani and Jenny for a great photoshoot last year. We loved how the senior pics turned out and hope you’ll treasure them forever!

In this senior picture with Ani, a senior from Madison West high school, we asked her to walk through a grove of flowering plants at the UW arboretum.  Asking your senior portrait client to walk is a great way to get seniors to relax and get natural and candid expressions and smiles.  Studio Indigo Photography has been a madison best senior portrait studio for many years and we can be trusted to get the best expressions and smiles from our senior clients.  The flare from the setting sun in this senior picture adds a fun, soft feel to this beautiful portrait.

This summer senior portrait session at the UW arboretum gave us lots of ideas to try for senior girl poses.  Ani, from Madison West, was a real trooper as we marched all over the arboretum at sunset.  Even the mosquitos couldn't stop us as we photographed beautiful Ani in multiple outdoor locations at the arboretum.  Ani wore a classic lacy white top with blue jeans which looked great for this outdoor senior portrait photoshoot.  When people ask for ideas on what to wear for their senior pictures session we always recommend keeping it simple. You don't want your clothes to attract too much attention during the senior portrait.  Studio Indigo Photography is one of Madison's best senoir portrait photographers and creates unique, relaxed, candid and stunning senior portraits.

In this senior picture Ani, from Madison West, is leaning up against a tree at the UW arboretum.  The setting sun beautifully lights her face for this senior portrait.  Ani is wearing a classic flowy white top and blue jeans which is a great outfit choice.  Studio Indigo Photography helps all our clients answer the question what should I wear for my senior picture session.  Simple, elegant and classic is a good way to go but the most important thing is that you feel confident and good about your senior portrait outfit.  Ani has a great, natural and relaxed smile in this and all of her senior pictures.

Beautiful light at the end of the day creates soft highlights on madison west high school senior Ani's face.  A great senior girl pose idea has them leaning into the wall with hand draped over head and other hand on the wall.  This senior picture pose is always a favorite with our senior girls.  This is also a great textured wall at the UW arboretum which added to the overall feel of this outdoor, nature portrait.  Ani, dressed in a simple and elegant black dress which contrasts beautifully with the stone wall, has a wonderful, relaxed expression.  The UW arboretum is one of our favorite places to photograph high school senior portraits and pictures with so many wonderful outdoor and natural locations to choose from.  Here at Studio Indigo we have lots of great location suggestions for all our senior pictures clients.

The Arboretum is a great location for senior pictures in madison becuase of all the different nature settings.  In this senior portrait, Madison West senior, Ani, has a wonderful relaxed and beautiful smile wearing a simple black dress that is a perfect outfit for this location.  The setting sun is behind Ani and you can see the sunlight hhitting the tops of the tall prairie grass in this medium length senior picture by studio indigo photography.  Studio Indigo works closely with all our senior portraits clients to help select the best locations, either nature or urban and we have lots of advice on what to wear and outfits.  Our sessions are relaxed and fun and our senior picture clients love the candid and natural expressions and smiles we're able to capture.

This is a great senior portrait technique to create a warm, flare senior picture.  This is a beautiful warm, soft nature senior picture with Ani from Madison West high school. This natural senior girl standing pose idea is a favorite with our clients.  The light from the setting sun fills the image with a warm glow and some flare.  Ani has a beautiful expression and smile as she runs her hand through her hair while wearing a classic black dress.  We are often asked for advice on what to wear or senior portrait outfit ideas and we think keeping things simple is always a good approach.

This standing senior high school portrait pose was photographed at the UW arboretum by studio indigo photography. Ani, a senior at Madison West High School looks great in her simple white top and jeans.  When seniors ask us what they should wear for their senior pictures we recommend they wear something that makes them feel good and to try and keep it simple.  In this senior girl pose we put Jenny in front of some colorful flowers and the simplicity of her cute outfit works well with the colorful background.  This standing pose idea is very basic and a great way to get the senior picture session started to generate some natural candid expression and smiles.  We are also side lighting Ani so the sun acts as side light on her hair and creates a little flare which softens the image.