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Dave and Jen Gustafson, owners of Studio Indigo Photography based in Madison, WI.
I love looking at the photo above...Jen and I shortly after our wedding ceremony. It captures a wonderful moment of joy, relief, comfort, love. It makes me feel happy whenever I see it. That is the power of photography.

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Madison Portrait Photography

Portraits are important.

Photos of family and loved ones are an amazing emotional experience. They can transport us back to a certain time and place. They get handed down through the generations.
After the wedding or graduation ceremony and all that great food has been eaten, what's left? The photographs! They are a lasting memory that will be with you and your family forever.

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Photography is our passion

We really love what we do.  We specialize in high school senior portraits and wedding photography but got our start and still love family photography. It's such an honor to work with all of our clients.

We treat each high school senior photography, wedding photography or family photography session the same way. We take our work very seriously and put in the time and effort to make sure we create unique and stylish art for your home.

We're genuine, down to earth and really nice! We're going to make this a great experience for you.

We'd love to hear from you!

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