In our second blog post with our favorite stylist Nicole of hybrid salon, it’s all about makeup. Interested in current hair trends, check out the first post.

Current make-up trends

“Makeup trends right now are very natural.  Some of it is still like smoky-eyes but you always want to feel comfortable in what you’re doing. You don’t want to look at those pictures and not feel like yourself.  So it’s a glammed up you.  Not over the top, just enhancing what you have.”

“Some girls now are going more bare-face but one thing you could do are eyebrows.  So filling in eyebrows with some eyeshadow or an eyebrow pencil to make them fuller.  A lot of girls don’t realize that and I’ll do a light treatment so they can see how it looks.  It really makes the eyebrows pop and it makes the whole face look put-together or finished.”

Make-up must haves

If Nicole had to pick 4 things to focus on it would be a good foundation or powder, mascara, a good brow tint and eyeliner.

“Extra stuff you can do are fun eye shadows, lip colors or lip gloss if they’re not wanting to go with lipstick.”

If you decide to do a lipstick Nicole recommends bringing the lipstick to the shoot so you can touch-up if necessary.  “The other thing I would recommend bringing is powder.  So if they feel like they’re getting too shiny they can touch up with some powder.  I like to use brushes with bristles, but whatever the powder comes with is fine.  Just a little on the nose and forehead.”

What’s the appointment like?

“We start with a consultation and I like to look at pictures to get an idea of what the client wants.  If we’re doing hair and makeup, I’ll usually start with hair.  We’ll then move over to the make-up station and have a second consultation on the make-up.”

“It’s nice to get pampered and take a little bit of the stress off for that day.  And if you’re not sure what to do it’s nice to talk with someone who knows what to do with your hair or makeup. It’s stress-free and fun, you can bring a friend, and we’re a fun environment at Hybrid.  And it’s this little thing, hair and makeup, but it can really make you feel more confident.”

Looking for professional hair or makeup for your senior photo shoot?

Studio Indigo has 2 senior packages that include hair or make up in the session fee.  Check out our pricing page for more details.

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